Thursday, July 30, 2015

How to mount Cloud Storage in Linux

Mount storage account via davfs2

You can use davfs2 (WebDAV Linux File System) which enables you to access a remote WebDAV share via traditional file system interfaces.

To install davfs2 on CentOS, RHEL

$ sudo yum install davfs2 

Next, create a local mount point.
$ mkdir /tmp/box

The WebDAV share exported by does not support file locks. Thus you need to disable file locks in the davfs2 configuration file located at /etc/davfs2/davfs2.conf. Otherwise, you will encounter "Input/output error" while attempting to create a file.

$ sudo vi /etc/davfs2/davfs2.conf

Mount Box as a non-root user on CentOS, RHEL
Add yourself to a Linux group called "davfs2"
Simply run the following command.
$ sudo usermod -a -G davfs2 linuxhowto

Once you have followed the above distro-specific instruction, add the following to /etc/fstab. The "user" option allows you to mount Box as an unprivileged non-root user. Replace "/tmp/box " with your own mount point. /tmp/box davfs rw,user,noauto 0 0
Now you can go ahead and mount your account by running mount command as a regular user. When asked for username and password, enter your account username/password.
$ mount /tmp/box
Please enter the username to authenticate with server or hit enter for none.
Please enter the password to authenticate user with server or hit enter for none.
If you do not want to type in username/password every time you mount, put your login credential information in the following file.
$ chmod 600 ~/.davfs2/secrets
$ vi ~/.davfs2/secrets my_box_com_password
To verify that mount was successful, run these:
$ mount on /tmp/box type davfs (rw,nosuid,noexec,nodev,_netdev)

# df -h
                      910T   12K  910T   1% /tmp/box

#ls -l /tmp/box
total 0
drwxr-xr-x.  2 root root 0 Apr  2 05:36 (Private) Pankaj Pal
To umount account:

#umount /tmp/box
/sbin/umount.davfs: waiting while mount.davfs (pid 27778) synchronizes the cache .. OK


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