Thursday, September 20, 2012

How to find the users login history

last command will give login history for a specific username. If we don’t give any argument for this command, it will list login history for all users. By default this information will read from /var/log/wtmp file. The output of this command contains the following columns:
  • User name
  • Tty device number
  • Login date and time
  • Logout time
  • Total working time last
mysqluse           pts/0   Thu Sep 20 03:14      still logged in
ubuntu               pts/2   Wed Sep 19 14:18 - 14:42  (00:24)
mysqluse           pts/2           Tue Sep 18 12:13 - 12:26  (00:12)
mysqluse           pts/1           Tue Sep 18 11:50 - 12:25  (00:35)
ubuntu               pts/0   Tue Sep 18 10:33 - 12:35  (02:01)

login history of some particular user
root@ last mysqluser
mysqluse            pts/0   Thu Sep 20 03:14   still logged in
mysqluse            pts/0   Wed Sep 19 04:30 - 09:41  (05:11)
mysqluse            pts/2           Tue Sep 18 12:13 - 12:26  (00:12)
mysqluse            pts/1           Tue Sep 18 11:50 - 12:25  (00:35)
mysqluse            pts/0   Tue Sep 18 09:12 - 09:57  (00:45)
mysqluse            pts/5   Fri Sep  7 08:23 - 09:40  (01:17)


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