Thursday, August 16, 2012

How To take Backup using rsync

Backups can be classified to two types.They are

1)Full backup
The entire data will be backup will be taken every time

2)Incremental backup

Incremental backup take the full backup at the first time ,from the second time it will compare the files in first backup and the files in the directory which backup to be taken and only copy the modified files .


The rsync utility allows you to copyfrom local sysstem to a remote system or copy between two local directories .If the files exist in the destination directory ,rsync only copy the differences in the file,this property of rsync make it ideal for incremental backup

here is the syntax for rsync

rsync [options] [source folder] [Destination]


rsync -azv /etc/sysconfig /backup/

In the above example the entire sysconfig directory will be copied to /backup folder when firsttime we run this command ,from second time onwards rsync checks the files in folder /backup with /etc/sysconfig and only copy the differnce in sysconfig file to /backup folder...

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