Thursday, August 16, 2012

How To verify the Server Configuration in Linux

1.HTTP Webserver:
          httpd -t
  Run  syntax  tests  for  configuration files only. The program immediately exits after these  syntax  parsing   tests  with  either  a return code of 0 (Syntax OK) or return code not equal  to  0  (Syntax  Error).

2.SAMBA Server:
 Testparm is a test program to check smb.conf for correctness.

3.SSH Test mode:
          sshd -t
 Only check the validity of the configuration file and sanity of the keys.

4.DNS Server configuration check:
 Checks the syntax of named configuration file.named-checkconf returns exit code 0 if no error detected otherwise it will be 1.

named-checkzone checks the syntax and integrity of zone files.

5.Squid proxy server:
         squid -k check
         squid -k parse
 Parse and check squid configuration file squid.conf

6.Nagios server:
         nagios -v /etc/nagios.conf

7.FTP server(vsftpd)

8.DHCP server:
        /usr/sbin/dhcpd -f

        /etc/init.d/dhcpd configtest

9.Mysql Server:
       /usr/libexec/mysqld –help -verbose

10.Red Hat Cluster Configuration:

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