Monday, June 18, 2012

HowTO create a Bootable ISO out of your Production Server

The goal for relinux is to make professional-looking ISOs, to install, download the latest tar.gz file at Untar it, and follow the instructions in the INSTALL file.

You can customize the system as much as you would like, except for these limitations (most of which will be removed in a future release):

It only supports GRUB2, so no BURG or GRUB-Legacy
It must have an X11 display, since Ubiquity (the installer) requires X11 to run
You cannot use another installer than Ubiquity
The compressed filesystem size must be below 4GB (no workaround). It will tell you if it’s over 4GB (compressed), but I recommend that you keep your system size below 6GB (uncompressed).
It will install metacity, but next release, this limitation will be removed.

After you have customized your system at your liking, you will need to create a configuration file. To do this, simply type in a Terminal window:

cp /etc/relinux/relinux.conf ./relinux.conf
sed -i 's:EXCLUDES="\(.*\)":EXCLUDES="\1 '`readlink -f ./relinux.conf`'":g' ./relinux.conf
readlink -f ./relinux.conf

The last command will tell you where the configuration file is located. Edit that file to your liking. Some splash screens are located in /etc/relinux/relinux/splash.

Before you start editing, if you want to save your settings/themes, do this (replace USERNAME by your actual username):

Log in as your normal user
Type: sudo passwd
Enter a password for root
Type: exit
Log in as root (with the password you gave for root)
Type: usermod -d /etc/skel USERNAME; chown -R USERNAME /etc/skel
Reboot your system (can be done with the reboot command)
Then you can log into your normal user, and all of your changes to the theme, desktop background, panel configuration etc… will be saved.

Once you have finished editing it, you will want to create the ISO file, so type this into the Terminal window:

sudo relinux fullclean ./relinux.conf
sudo relinux iso ./relinux.conf

The last (and final) step will take a while.
Simply follow the directions (if there are any).

If you have any questions/comments, feel free to comment or post in the forum.
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