Friday, June 22, 2012

How To Mount or Bind the contents in two places under Linux operating systems

In this article we will review how do I mount the contents of /home/multimedia in two places under Linux operating systems?

If you are using Linux kernel v2.4.0+, you can remount part of the file hierarchy somewhere else using the following mount command syntax. This is useful for NFS servers in /exports. You must type the following commands as the root user. The syntax is
mount --bind /path/to/olddir /path/to/newdir
mount -B olddir newdir
The syntax for /etc/fstab entry is:
/olddir /newdir none bind
In this example, mount /home/multimedia/mp3 and /home/multimedia/videos as follows:

# mkdir -p /exports/{music,videos}

# mount --bind /home/multimedia/mp3 /exports/music

# mount --bind /home/multimedia/videos /exports/videos

Verify new settings:
# mount

# df -a

# mount | egrep -i --color 'music|videos'

Update /etc/fstabe file as follows:

# vi /etc/fstab

Append the following:
/home/multimedia/mp3 /exports/music none bind

/home/multimedia/videos /exports/videos
Save and close the file.
See also:
  • man page mount(8) command.
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