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HowTo Secure Postfix and Sendmail Server
Sendmail - Sandwich Mode How TO


How To Monitor Remote Linux Host using Nagios
How To Install and Configure Sar in Linux
MySQL Monitoring through Nagios
How To Install and Configure Cacti
How To Monitor Network Switch and Ports Using Nagios


Securing your system with Snort
How to Secure your Linux Server : grub password in Linux
Packet Analyzer in Linux : tcpdump
How to use IPTABLES
Linux iptables: Port Redirection
How to: Linux Iptables block common attacks
How to Log Linux IPTables Firewall Dropped Packets to a Log File
Linux Firewall : IPTables, Chains, Rules Fundamentals
How To Secure FTP Server
PAM Tutorial
Using Pluggable Authentication Modules
HowTO Secure NFS Server
HowTo Secure SSH
Linux Server Hardening Security Tips


Install and configure jdk from the tar file in Linux
How to Install and Configure JDK on Linux


How to Install Oracle 11 g on Linux
How to Install / Configure PostgreSQL
MySQL Tutorial for Beginners
How To Reset MySQL root Password
MySQL Master-Slave Configuration


Cluster Tutorial
How To Configuring the cluster resources needed for an NFS service
Device Mapper Multupath configuration and Administration
How To Configure iSCSI initiator with multipathing
How To Setup an ISCSI target using tgtadmin
How To Install and Manage ISCSI volume
Configure RedHat Cluster with GFS2 on RedHat Enterprise Linux 6 on VMware ESXi
RedHat Cluster Configuration.....
Adding / Removing Node in RedHat Cluster
Set Up A Load-Balanced MySQL Cluster
Clustering --- HA Cluster using Heartbeat and DRBD


How to Mount a Remote Folder using SSH
Modes of Bonding : Network Bonding
How To Configure DHCP server in Linux
How To Setup caching DNS SERVER - PART I
How To setup Caching DNS SERVER - PART II
How To Add LUN to a SAN File System
Configuring Linux Box as a Gateway


Linux HowTO: VMWare vs Xen
XEN Server Status Monitoring Command
Virtualization FAQ
How TO Install KVM and Create Virtual Machines on Ubuntu

Configuration Management

Configure PXE Server in Linux --For Installing OS Remotely--
Kickstart Installation and Configuration
Centralized Management with Puppet
Puppet Master Configuration 

Logical Volume Management

LVM - Logical Volume Manager
Moving volume group to another Server in Linux
How To Configure RAID 1 on a LVM System

Tips & Tricks / Technical Queries

MySQL Interview Questions & Answers
Unix Linux Interview Questions and Answers
DNS Server Interview Questions & Answers
Sendmail Server Interview Questions & Answers
NFS Server Interview Questions & Answers
Ldap Server Interview Questions & Answers
Apache Server Interview Questions & Answer


How to mount Cloud Storage in Linux
Password Less Login to Servers
Linux Basic Commands 
How to access Windows Share from Linux and Vice versa
Backups over ssh and secure local backup tips and tricks
Some Dangerous Commands You Should Never Run on Linux
How To Identify Who is Logged-In on Your Server
How to find the users login history
How To repair file system after unclean shutdown
How To configure Multiple IP Addresses on single interface
VSFTP ---- Configuration on SUSE
How To enable log rotate in Linux Server
How to put .htpasswd protection for a Apache Server
How to Configure DNS Server with chroot
How to configure a Local yum Server
Important Use of lsof Command
How To verify the Server Configuration in Linux
How To take Backup using rsync
Basic Commands in Linux / Linux for Beginners
Important Linux Commands
HowTo Encrypt And Decrypt Files With A Password
How To Install RPM packages on Ubuntu
How To Find out LINUX CPU Utilization
How to Change the Timezone in Linux
How To Configure RAID 5 in Linux
How to trace what’s being done by user’s on your Linux Server
What is a Zombie Process on Linux
How To Enable Root Login in FTP Server
How to restrict users to SFTP only instead of SSH
How To Rebuild Corrupted RPM database
How To Install, Configure and Use KDUMP
How To Configure Multiple Websites on a Single Server
How to Change Default Boot Loader in Centos 6
Accessing the Windows Partition from CentOS 6
How to Install and Setup Xen on Centos
Linux Advanced File Permissions - SUID,SGID and Sticky Bit
How To Setup Default umask & How to calculate permissions from umask
How To Install Apache CouchDB on CentOS 6
How To enable EPEL repository on CentOS
How To Generate SSL Key for Apache Web Server
Shutdown Process in Linux
Linux Directory Structure Explained
Using NFS over TCP
How to Extract, View, Modify and Recreate initrd.img
How To upgrade RHEL from 6.2 to 6.3
How To Mount or Bind the contents in two places under Linux operating systems
The Ultimate Guide to Create Users in Linux / Unix with Examples
HowTo Install Linux from USB flash drive
HowTO create a Bootable ISO out of your Production Server
HowTO configure the Exim server in Linux
HowTo tune the kernel parameters in linux
HowTo Copy Files Using SSH Without Providing Login Prompts
How to Turn Your Ubuntu Laptop into a Wireless Access Point
HowTo Change Boot Priority from Linux to Windows in dual boot
Configure Squid Server in Linux
How TO:Install Apache Tomcat on Linux
HowTo Understand Linux CPU Load - When you should be worried ?
HowTo: Repair a Corrupted partition Superblock
HowTo Patch Running Linux Kernel
HowTO: Compile Linux Kernel
How to integrate Squid Proxy Server with Active Directory
How To Configure Squid Proxy with Dansguardian
HowTo Configure NIS Server / Slave and Client on Centos
HowTo Read vmstat / iostat and netstat output
Linux File Systems: Ext2 vs Ext3 vs Ext4
How to create a Daemon in Linux
Troubleshooting Linux Filesystem Issues
Linux: Journaling Filesystems -- Difference Between Ext2 and Ext3 Filesystem
Proxy Server
Different RAID levels for Linux / UNIX / Configure RAID Level 5
Linux and UNIX HOW-TO: Setup a basic OpenLDAP Client and Server
DNS Tutorial
How To install and test SAMBA
NFS --Network File System-- Tutorial
Boot Process of Linux
Trace Hardware information of your System..lshw will do the magic for us
Create Swap How To